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Our Lunch menus rather eclectic, but none the less we're here to promote our own in-house proucts.

Yes we sell our breakfast sandwich all day.

Our own tigelle bun, sausage patty with pork from our Grassroots farm, old cheddar cheese, fried egg, tomato, onion, and arugula.

We also do a meatless version and replace it with avocado.

Our other lunch options include at least one meat and one  vegetarian panini of regular sandwich.

Our famous cheese sticks, pizza, or soup.

Now if that's not enough we make our own fries and poutine with fresh cut fries, our own gravy and local cheese curds

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Grassroots beef


Grassroots Farm is one of a very few local farms providing for the community, true grass fed, grass finished, Black Angus.  Its' focus on "regenerative agriculture" practises provide for the very best feed to assist in the production of top quality beef.  

The farm has been in the family since 1842, passed from generation to generation, 

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Ground beef

Our ground beef is either lean or medium, in 1 & 2 pound portion packs.  Take it home and enjoy the best burger in town... grab some buns too.

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Tomahawk Steak

If you like great steak and a little old Fred Flintsone show.... this is the best for you .Cut from the best part of the animal 

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Tbone Steak

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